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Rare Richard Hudnut Perfume & Powder Box Gift Set 1920's Perfume Vintage Three Flowers
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Rare Richard Hudnut Perfume & Powder Box Gift Set 1920's Perfume Vintage Three Flowers

$ 224.99

This is a wonderful and rare antique 1920's Richard Hudnut Three Flowers boxed gift set, with perfume bottle and powder box.

It's in great condition, with clear and vibrant graphics; only some wear to the outside box that can be seen in our photos. It contains the full powder box and empty satin glass perfume bottle.

The powder box is still full of the original powder and is in fantastic condition, and also has the original paper seal over the powder, but it does have a tear in the top of the paper seal. There is a gorgeous graphic paper insert inside, that is also in wonderful condition.

The box is the 4 ounce size of "NATURELLE FLESH COLOR" powder. It's approximately 3 inches in diameter by 2 inches in height.

The perfume bottle is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or damage of any kind; and is clean and empty. It measures approximately 7 inches in height.

Additional Information Regarding Richard Hudnut:

Richard Hudnut lived during the years 1855-1928 and sold his business in 1916 after making his fortune and retired to France. The Three Flowers fragrance was created in 1915, and was available from 1915 to 1923.

Richard Hudnut is a trademark created in 1880 with headquarters in New York and Paris. Hudnut is a famous trademark because of its longevity (more than a century.) The founder was stepfather to Rudolph Valentino's wife.

A great piece to add to your vanity or bath from Power Of One Designs.

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